Children don’t ask to be born. They come to life dependent on the grace and guidance of adults. So when parents are unable to care for their children and/or provide a safe home, we must pick up the mantle and provide what they need, to set all children on a path toward a healthy, productive life, supported by community and connected to others. Some 3,000 children in Michigan yearn for their “forever family” right now.

Through the Forever Home Run and Lutheran Adoption Service, you can help a child find a “life-long loving family.” Every child needs love, shelter and guidance. These most basic of provisions are missing for some children, and the older the child, the more dire the circumstances, especially when coming from an abusive or neglectful situation.

Please watch this short video to learn more about the children and families who are supported by Lutheran Adoption Service.


At Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS) we strive to PROTECT children, CREATE forever families, ENCOURAGE resiliency, CONNECT families to support and EMPOWER kids to succeed. It truly does take a village to raise a child.  This sentiment could not be more true than it is for children who are born into families that are not able to take care of them.  Lutheran Adoption Service seeks forever families for foster children who are permanent wards of the state of Michigan.


All donations received will be used to support children and families served by Lutheran Adoption Service. Your donation will help in one of the following areas:

  • PARTNER IN SERVICE – Give the opportunity for 20 weeks of therapeutic services for one adoptive family ($700)
  • PROVIDE FOR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS – Help fund beds, recreational activities, home renovations necessary for the adoption process, and other needs for adoptive families ($350)
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY FAMILIES – Fund one month of support group sessions ($200)
  • PARTICIPATE IN FINDING FOREVER HOMES – Donate toward a general fund to be used at Lutheran Adoption Service’s discretion ($100 or less)
    • Money from the general fund may be used for buying birthday gifts for unmatched children ($50 per child), providing therapeutic children’s support groups ($50 per month), or other support services.


Find a way to get involved:

  • Sign up now to participate in the race!
  • Create a fundraising team with all your friends and family!
  • Seek support and/or donations from others!
  • Donate to support children and families on the adoption journey!
  • Volunteer on the day of the race!  (Click here.)



Thank you for your interest and support!

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